Entertainment Industry Foam

For the entertainment industry, Kayfoam Ltd can provide seating, upholstery, protective packaging solutions, and sound-proofing foam for studios and music rooms.

Acoustic foam will greatly reduce reverberation, reflections and flutter echoes, improving the audio quality of your recording studio, home theatre, music room and so on. We manufacture with a wide range of acoustic insulation foams, and whether you’re looking for acoustic foam panels or hi-fi speaker fronts, our in-house team can assist with your design and manufacture a bespoke product to best meet your requirements.

For the transport of anything from musical instruments to sound and lighting equipment, our expertise in providing bespoke flight cases outfitted with custom foam inserts ensures expensive products and equipment are protected from damage during storage and transit. With a range of finishes and materials available including protective static dissipative foams to overcome the effect of static shocks on sensitive equipment, Kayfoam Ltd can design and manufacture custom foam fitments to locate, protect and offer a professional display medium for your goods.

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