Railway Ramps

The vast majority of Network Rail’s access points have evolved over a century and a half with predominantly only manual maintenance, and access points on the infrastructure vary enormously depending upon line category, purpose and location (urban / suburban).

Historically, the interface between railway maintenance vehicles, plant delivery, trains and pedestrians has not been a priority, and neither was health and safety.

Newly designed access points must retain the capacity to enable traditional style maintenance and renewal techniques whilst providing provision for modern vehicles and practices, with the capability for HGV deliveries and for on and off-tracking heavy RRVs by means of a Road Rail Access Point (RRAP).

For the rail industry Kayfoam manufactures a lightweight foam access system for RRAP installation - with each section weighing under 25kg and approved for use up to 15 tons per axle, this product allows for simple site preparation and can be easily transported to and from the access point.

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